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Car Restoration Seat Repair at Louisville Commercial Upholstery

Modnay to Firday
9am to 8pm

Car Restoration Seat Repair

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Services (Upholstery & Car Restoration Seat Repair)

  • Full Interior Restoration or Customization
  • Interior Seating
  • Headliners and Sunvisors
  • Convertible Tops
  • New Carpet or Vinyl Flooring
  • Dashboard Overlay
  • Center Consols
  • Door Arm Rest
  • Leather Kits
  • Vinyl and Leather Dying
  • Tonneau Covers
  • Tarps / Heavy Equipment Covers

Automotive upholstery, seat repair and interior work will maintain your vehicle’s beauty and value.

Fitzsimmons Commercial Upholstery has helped its customers to maintain their current, classic and custom automobile’s value with superior upholstery services. Split, torn and worn seats including cigarette burn damage can easily be replaced with available automotive aftermarket fabrics, Fitzsimmons Commercial Upholstery can re-upholster and restore the original interior of your vehicle, or we can customize your vehicle with a whole new look.

We can replace seating, door panels, headliners, carpet/vinyl flooring, Car Restoration Seat Repair and convertible tops with original automotive fabrics or modern fabrics composed of new colors and patterns.

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