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Restaurant Upholstery

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Fitzsimmons Commercial Upholstery provides custom restoration for upholstered seating and booths to match existing designs, fabrics and Restaurant Upholstery.

As restaurant owners know, public seating takes a beating. How the frame is made, how foam is applied and the application of the materials are subject to the longevity of the furniture. Fabrics that stretch will not last as long as folks need to scoot over. The proper application of a fabrics ‘stretch,’ and attributes of fabric content extend the durability and prevent wear. Fabric choice does provide an important aspect to re-upholtery and we will help guide you to the most proper fabric.

Once a wear spot is created on upholstered vinyl or fabric seats, backs or arms there is no stopping continual damage. It continues to worsen until the time when folks refuse to sit down at the offered seating. We provide complete upholstery services for many major national and regional chain restaurants as well as bar and restaurant owners throughout Louisville, KY. Our ‘ ON SITE ‘ upholstery services provide ‘before and after hours’ installations to minimize disruption to business.

Material:  Contract grade vinyl, Leather, Custom fabrics, Canvas, Faux fur, Exotics

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